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Working as an interdisciplinary artist, I create work that seeks to bring awareness to the need to preserve and protect our natural landscapes and wildlife habitats. Photography being my first love, I use the camera to capture what I’m seeing at a specific moment in time and aim to transport the viewer to that same place at any moment in time. My main body of work consists of landscapes and wildlife, especially those found in our National Parks.

I utilize graphic design software to create composite images using multiple photographs which results in a new image that tells its own story. Currently, my composites contain images of wildlife juxtaposed with manmade constructions. My intent is to evoke a reaction that’s different from that of a single photograph and causes the viewer to become more aware of the impact mankind has had on what once thrived in the wild.

Working in clay and all its wonderful malleable properties allows me to create another world as well, but with my hands. My claywork is designed to allow the viewer to engage on a more three-dimensional and tactile level that a photograph doesn’t allow. My pieces celebrate nature through shape, carved motifs, and choice of glaze treatment. My pottery has a handmade look and feel to it and my sculpture is reflective of elements found in nature.

Regardless of which medium I use, my inspiration comes from the natural world with its inviting hues and sense of wildness. There’s something about being out in nature, breathing clean air, and grounding oneself that I believe is vital to every person’s well-being. Not only do I want my artwork to carry the viewer to a place of wonder and discovery but, just like nature itself, make them feel like they are a part of something bigger as well.

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